How Long Are Victoria's Secret "Boyfriend" Pants???

05 September 2012

This excited me - I love Victoria's Secret. Their bras are awesome and their clothes always fit you like they should fit a woman. Well Victoria's Secret also screams when I saw they had an NFL line I just about peed myself.

See center girl??? I now own that outfit. I'll be doing a full blown post on the NFL Giants gear I snagged for the big season. Which, by the way, kicks off tonight.

Well this post is something special. It's about the Victoria's Secret "Boyfriend" Pant.  I am tall. I'm pushing 5'9". I have a serious problem finding any pants that are long enough on me. And if I find pajama or gym pants that ARE long enough, they shrink to be too short after one time through the dryer.

Well, I have never purchased a pair of boyfriend pants before. People swear by them. But the hefty price tag was always too much of a deterrent since I was afraid they would be too short. Then I saw they were part of the NYG line. Ahhhh, those would be SO comfy to wear while watching games on the couch. So I started Googling.

"How long are Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Pants?", "Can tall girls wear Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Pants?", "Tall Celebrities Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Pants?", "6' Victorias Secret Boyfriend Pants"...etc...

NO results. Not one. Not a Google article, Google image, YouTube video, Pinterest pic...nothing. How could this be?!?! Well I measured my inseam and compared it to the website info and hoped, hoped, hoped they would fit when they came. And they did!! I love them!!! They are so comfy and still sexy/flattering for being sweat pants.

So I decided to do this post - in case any other tall girls out there want to know if these pants will fit them.

I am 5'9", 135 lbs, and I am wearing a size XS in these pants.

Here is where they fall on my stomach...

...from the side....

...and from the back...

Here I am at 5'9" in the pants.

 Close up of how much fabric is left at the bottom.

 And here I am with high heels on, putting me at 6'1".

Close up at 6'1".

So I hope this is helpful. Basically, you can be 6'1" and the pants will still touch the floor. The pants have an unfinished hem, so if you are 5'4" the thought is you just cut off the pants where you want them. I'm currently on the hunt for a few more pairs. I have a feeling they will come in handy once we move to Colorado (:


  1. LOL, I'm so glad you put, if you're 5'4"...because I am 5'4" and as I'm reading this I was like, well, at least it fits her, but if it fits her, no freaking way is my short little self going to NOT drown in these pants
    too funny.

  2. This was VERY helpful! I'm 5'7" but have long legs, hard to find sweats that are long enough. Thanks!


  3. So I've said this before and I'll say it again...YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! WHOA! Love the VS lounge wear in NFL styles!

  4. Umm can I have your stomach please?! Also I need that outfit!! My parents are at the Giants opener tonight and I'm so jealous! I hate that there isn't any cute girl football stuff...thank you SO much for letting us know this exists!

  5. as another girl that's 5 foot 9- I just have to say, I appreciate this post, haha.

  6. So happy im 5'9 and i got big hips hopefully they will work

  7. thanx for the help! i was ordering online and couldnt figure out what size id also 135 pounds but im 5'6 so now i have an idea how they will fit! oh yeah and btw you are freaking GORGEOUS!! :)

  8. Have you found any long like harem joggers?

  9. Have you found any long like harem joggers?


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