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06 December 2012

Well hello my dear, sweet friends!

This morning I wanted to do something a little different.

I have always been very upfront on where I stand with my blog. I love that Wifessionals continues to grow! But I will never, ever forget how my blog got to where it is today.

This is why I always promise to offer Ad swaps with ANY size blog & why I do my best to help promote and encourage any other bloggers who contact me.

Lately I've been getting A TON of email asking various questions on all sorts of topics.

Every time I get one of these, you all apologize profusely for bothering me (as if I am this crazy busy wonder woman) and then so nicely ask me for my opinion or help.

No need for the apologies ladies!!

I love talking to you and helping you out. That is why I love my blog and this community. Getting the opportunity to "meet" and connect with new friends is why I do this in the first place!

help me mom!
Well, a lot of these "questions" from you are things that I wondered myself when I started my blog, or questions I still ask to this day. I have spent thousands of hours on this blog...and I've discovered a lot along the way.

- What is a "link party" or "blog hop"?
- How do you host one?
- Is Bloglovin' like McLovin'???
- Want to get link hosting for free?
- What is a Passionfruit?
- How much should I charge for Ads?
- How do I make a button?
- Where can I make more friends?
- Rafflecopter, huh?
- How do I grow my blog?
- No Comment Blogger - NO MORE!
- HTML to make a pretty blog
- Where to edit photos
- How to make pictures look professional
- I can't think of anything to write!!!
- Blogging takes too much time....help!!!

I was blamed at my blate with Tiffany & Lauren for not getting personal on this blog. Well, in my defense, I lived in the middle of nowhere for the past 6 months. I mean, I only did my hair and makeup when I had to do a post for the blog - yep, THAT bad.

So I promised when I moved I would do a better job of offering up ME. Connecting more personally, showing off more of my life, outside mouth watering recipes and crafting...

So here it is: What do YOU want to know?

You can ask me anything! It can be about HTML, or growing your blog, or where I buy clothes, or what my favorite cheese is....You can ask me about my marriage, my crafts, my puppy or my weird & crazy sister....

Whatever you want to know.
No question is too "lame" or outrageous.

Especially the questions about help with the blogosphere...I know a ton of ladies probably have the same question. I know I still have 1,000.

Depending how many of you lovely ladies offer up questions, I may make this into a monthly or weekly post. I think it's a great way for me to get to know some of you better and also for us to help each other out with things we may want to know, but haven't known who to ask!

Click the link below to submit your question. I can't wait to hear from you!!!
(there's an option to stay anonymous if you want!)

Submit a question


  1. I don't know if this would be infringing at all, but I would love to co-host with you, or help you turn this thing into a blog hop with bloggers giving their advice from the list. I really think this is an excellent idea and would love to help/contribute! Email me if you're interested and we can figure it out!!

    1. Wow, great couple.


  2. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment :)

    We are currently at Fort Benning. Where are y'all? I'm sure if I snooped hard enough I would find it, but my baby just doesn't allow me more than 5 minutes at a time on the computer haha

    What a great idea btw! I can't wait to see the questions asked, and answers you give!

  3. Love this post! You should definitely make this a regular deal. :)


  4. JUST found your blog and i must say this is the sweetest and most honest post i've ever read! thanks for that lady!!



  5. Oh hello Chicago! When were you here?? Recently because I see the tree!


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