I Wanna Know...{Week 6}

22 January 2013

I had a great response to my post a few months back.

I basically opened the floor and gave you guys a chance to ask me ANYTHING.
When I say anything, I mean anything! Blogging, marriage, army, crafting, shopping...

I'd love for you to submit a question for me to answer & for you to be featured next week!!!

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I can't believe we're on Week #6! I plan to answer a few questions a week and will try to include both blogging & personal questions.

Question #1: What type of camera do you use for your posts?

Hey Lady! The type of camera I use is a Nikon D5000. I received it from my parents as a graduation gift from college. I never really used it until I started blogging!

With that said, you don't have to have a fancy camera to take great pictures! iPhones and point n' shoots work great as well! A few words of advice: Avoid flash wherever possible! Try to use outdoor or natural lighting. Use editing and collage Apps when using a phone! Great filters and layouts can do so much for your pictures! Lastly, get creative. Use different backdrops and take pictures in different areas (:

Question #2: How do you use social media to effectively promote your blog? Especially Twitter? I'm totally Twitter challenged!

Great question! I hear a lot of girls say: "When I get this many followers I'll start using social media..." I shake my head. This is such a mistake! I wrote a really great post about How To Grow Your Blog Easily. I talked about a lot of tips and tricks - one of them being social media. I went a few months without it and I really regret it. It seemed daunting and I didn't want to make a separate account on all those sites for Wifessionals. But then I bit the bullet. If you want to grow and connect with your readers, you need to hop on the social media bandwagon. Now I'm not one of those bloggers who tweets every 5 minutes...I guess you could say I'm Twitter challenged too...however, Twitter ::especially:: has helped me in growing my relationship with readers. A tweet is an easy thing to respond to. It comes right to my phone and it's a short response back. Twitter has definitely grown to be my favorite source of social media and it continues to help my blog grow on a daily basis. If you are overwhelmed by social media, start small. I would suggest investing in these types in this order as you get comfortable: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I don't like my Facebook page all that much, but it always updates with my newest post. I know a lot of bloggers love Facebook because they can quickly see when you post new things on their personal news feed. I LOVE Instagram because I like seeing everyone in "real life". Pinterest is a great way to share recipes and tutorials from your blog with the rest of the world. Pinterest is easy to manage if you install a Pinterest button on your posts and pictures!

Question #3: How do you handle cooking for just the two of you?

Hi Ashley! Truth be told, I'm usually cooking for 4-6...because Ryan eats like a beast lol. I usually make enough for dinner and there's a little bit left over for me to eat lunch the next day or to put in Ryan's lunch. Some nights I do only cook for two portions though. Especially if we are leaving town the next day or I don't want leftovers.

Recipes usually do very well when scaled down. If it says it will feed four, cut everything in half so it will feed just you two! Another great thing about making extra is a ton of dinners freeze well. I will make extra and then freeze half so one night when I don't feel like cooking there is already something prepared - I just warm it up! You can find an excellent list of foods and meals that freeze well here. They also tell you the best way to freeze them!

Question #4: What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Hey Brandi! My hands down favorite thing about blogging is all of you! I recently had a V-Blate with Brandi and I know we all talked about this a ton. I LOVE my bloggy friends. I started blogging because as Ryan puts it, "You were bored as hell and lonely!" We lived in the middle of nowhere Arizona and I just missed getting to talk to and see my girlfriends. So I started Wifessionals. And now I have a huge amount of girls I would call my "real friends". These women know my secrets, have laughed with me or skyped me when I'm crying. I feel silly saying it, but I've heard a lot of bloggers agree: My blog friends are better friends to me than a lot of girls I've met in "real life". Is that weird? I don't think so. Blogging let's us choose who we want to bring into our lives. I think we find blogs we love based on who and what we relate to. These girls feel like such great friends because we pick out women, get to know them and bond. Then if you meet in real life, you feel like you've known each other forever. If you have ever had a "blate", I'm sure you can relate to this. The community I've found through Wifessionals is by far my most favoritist thing! (I know favoritist is not a word but I like it)

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of your questions answered! I'll be back next Tuesday with more!

I'd love for you to submit a question for me to answer & for you to be featured next week!!!
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  1. I found the answer to question 2 and the post you linked to really useful. I've only just started with social media for my blog, I literally stared a twitter account two days ago, so it was good to get a few tips from you, thanks!

  2. I love the name of your blog. So fun! Can't wait to read more!

  3. What collage apps do you recommend? I have been dying to find a good one. Love these Q&A's!! Xo


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