Let's Get Our Creep On...

30 January 2013

So a lot of you saw my comments about this super creepy website that is oh-so-cool.

Well, that website is StatCounter.

StatCounter does way more than your Blogger dashboard or Google Analytics ever could.
Some of it seems borderline stalker-ish, but I love it!

It's basically your blog's statistics on steroids.
Let me show you.
(most of these images aren't my own, but from google)



When you first log on, this is what you will see. You'll notice all the items you can change to customize your dashboard to show exactly what info and time period you're wanting to look at.

This is pretty basic, but I've found it to be really accurate.

On the left hand sidebar, you'll notice about 25 different options of what level of detail you can view from your blog.
Now, it may seem overwhelming.
So I'm going to just let you know which are the creepiest coolest to use while you get used to it.

Top 3:
Entry Pages
Exit Links
Visitor Paths

Entry Pages: Click on Entry Pages and you'll see a list of how people are stumbling onto your blog. Click one of the small hourglasses to get more detail. You'll notice more menu options drop down under "Entry Pages". My favorite thing to click on is "Came From". You can see how people came to your blog.

Exit Links: This shows how amazing putting links in your post body actually works! If you click on Exit Links, you can see what people click on to leave your site. Today, in the past 3 hours, it says that 14 people left my site through clicking on my In-Post Sponsor! Heck Yeah!

Visitor Paths: The creepiest of the creepy....

Yes, you can see EXACTLY what people are doing on your blog.
Like step by step.
You can see who their internet provider is, their IP Address, where in the world they are stalking you from, and basically a second by second play by play around your lovely blog.

Above is me...on my own blog. So you can see your path as well.

There are a TON more things that StatCounter can do, but I highly suggest signing up!
It's free!
It even shows you things like what words people use to find you on search engines and you can narrow down to see who is your biggest referring sites!

It's a great way to monitor whether advertising you are providing on your blog or Ads you are purchasing on another site are doing their job (:

"Change can change your life. You'll never know unless you embrace it."
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  1. This could be very beneficial! I just recently figured out how to really understand my google analytics, seems like this site is easier to navigate. While its so unhealthy to obsess with stuff like this..checking in once a month or so would def give good insight on what readers enjoy the most! Thanks for sharing this gem. :)

  2. Really interesting... but very confusing at the same time! Our blogger dashboard only gives us a limited overview over the whole traffic. To be honest, what I find most hilarious about all of these stats counters are the words people use to get taken to my blog. Sometimes these are freakishly wrong, ha ha!

  3. Wow!! I've never heard of this website, dang! I need to hop on that train! Thanks :)

  4. I have seen this on a few larger blogs(3000+), but had no idea what it was. Thanks for sharing and now I'm a creeper as well.

  5. that's awesome! thank you for sharing! I've always wondered where people were visiting from (like which city or state as opposed to just the country.)

  6. Ohhh I love stat counter, I got it like RIGHT when I started my blog because this creepy high school friend kept trying to stalk me so I was keeping track of how often she was....annnyway, soo funny that this is the site you were talking about, I love it!

  7. Very interesting...I may just have to check this out!

  8. This is pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Awesome! Totally going to get this! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Just starting with my blog so any advice like this is really useful - thanks.

    Kate x

  11. thank you for this :) i just downloaded it and hopefully will enjoy it as much as you :)

  12. Okay, creepy but I SOOO want to put this on my blog!

  13. This is great. I'll be using this now. Thanks.

  14. Just found this post through Texas Mrs... thanks for sharing! I just added it to my blog! :)


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