I Wanna Know...{Week 8}

05 February 2013

I had a great response to my post a few months ago.

I basically opened the floor and gave you guys a chance to ask me ANYTHING.
When I say anything, I mean anything! Blogging, marriage, army, crafting, shopping...

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Week #8! I plan to answer a few questions a week and will try to include both blogging & personal questions.

Question #1: How do you get all of these products to review? Do companies contact you or do you randomly contact them?

Hey Kaitlyn! I would say that 20% of companies contact me and 80% I contact myself. If you're a small blog or haven't ever done reviews, I suggest you take things you love or already own and do reviews on those items first! I used to do a series called Obsessed! I would do reviews on anything I use that I couldn't live without. It was everything from make up to cleaning supplies. This is a great way to show companies you can provide quality reviews. My first big product review was the Hana hairdryer. They contacted me. But usually, I think of items that I really like or that I think my readers will like and I go on my own to the companies. The worst the company can say is "no", but I've found that a lot of companies like working with bloggers to get their name out there!

Question #2: What does your typical week day look like?

Oh my goodness. Lately I have been SO unorganized. My blog has grown so much that I have tried to find a better and more efficient way to get everything done. What I really liked last week was that I seriously sat down and for one whole day (12 hours) & I wrote out all my posts for the week. Yes, that Monday seemed very overwhelming, but throughout the week I didn't have hours of blogging to do every day. I am blessed that I don't have to go to work every day, so my blog is kind of my job/hobby. But I still have the house to manage and tons of chores to do!

I think from now on I am going to try and get all of my posts pretty much finished on one day of the week. The other days I respond to emails or other messages from readers, but my time is freed up to take care of things around the house or do errands. When I don't plan like this, I end up spending 4-5 hours a day just writing blog posts, talking to companies and responding to emails. Then I eat lunch, do a few chores or errands, and sit down to blog about 4 more hours. It's A LOT!!! I love my blog, though, and it's important for me to have quality posts, so planning ahead seems the best way to accomplish that.

Question #3: What is your favorite thing to blog about and read about on other blogs?

Hi Kelly! Honestly, my favorite posts are the ones that come from my heart. Not saying that my heart doesn't go into each one that I write, but it's the ones where I can really show the readers who I am and how I feel. Those are hands down my favorite ones to read as well.

I think we are drawn to raw honesty and it is so cool when I am scrolling through Bloglovin' and I stumble on a friend's post that shows me something I didn't know about her before. Especially when I find myself connecting exactly to what she is saying. I think this is how we find out bloggy soulmates and how we feel like we are bff's, even if we haven't ever met in person (:

Question #4: What is one thing you wish you could have told yourself 10 years ago?

Oh Hannah...
There are SO many things I wish I could tell myself 10 years ago! At that point I would have been 16. Sweet 16 and Never Been Kissed.Yep, I was so worried that I would never find a boy to marry, much less kiss me! I would tell myself to save my kisses because I did get kissed at 16 and lost a lot more kisses after that to gross, icky toads...

I think I would have definitely told myself to always trust God. That's easy to say, but my freshman year of college my life fell apart. I went through so many painful things and I didn't know if I believed in God anymore. Thankfully He kept pulling on my heart. I don't even want to think of where I would be today if I had never come running back into His arms. I also needed to trust that He had a man waiting for me. I was so impatient by the year I was 24. I always thought I would get married straight out of college (just like my parents & so many friends), but when that didn't happen I was frustrated and quite frankly, freaked out. I didn't want to end up single and 40! Being a Sex & the City character, "free, independent, OLD & alone" was NOT appealing to me! I just always felt I was meant to be married and have children. If I would have trusted God more (or known I would meet my husband on the weekend of my 25th birthday) I wouldn't have wasted so much time looking for "the one" and would have just enjoyed the present time I was in. Hindsight is always 20/20, and even though I would love to tell myself all these things, the steps and mistakes I made in the past brought me to where I am today - and I wouldn't change a single thing!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of your questions answered! I'll be back next Tuesday with more!

I'd love for you to submit a question for me to answer & for you to be featured next week!!!
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  1. I love reading these, one of my favorite posts that you do :)

  2. Great answers! Love the post!
    Happy Tuesday! XO
    Come follow me @ wideospaces.blogspot.com :)

  3. I definitely agree with Carolynn! This is one of my favorite posts that you do! Also thank you for sharing thoughts about reviewing products! I have wondered that myself and never seen another blogger share about this. Thanks!!

  4. I love doing reviews because I feel that it shows others the great products out there.

  5. Thanks for answering my question! Very helpful! It's ironic that you posted the last question, because my blogpost today is all about a "letter to my 16 year old self!"

    Have a great day!

  6. This is my favorite posts that you do! I love reading and learning about my favorite bloggers. Also, wanted to say that I am pumped about this months Cara box theme.

  7. Thanks for answering my question! I love reading your blog because I always feel like you have great things to share. I am on a journey learning to trust God with everything, and it definitely has its ups and downs, but you are living proof that God is good and faithful! :)


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